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The living home is considered as the focal point of our living where our daily activities takes place. In most of the traditional families, the family members gather in the living room to discuss or communicate about domestic matters or just to spend time with them. At the other times living room is the area where guests and visitors are entertained. In high rise apartment-type housing, where there are limited outdoor spaces, occupants tend to spend even more of their time in the living room. Furniture is one of the vital items that controls and determines the usage of the living room especially when it comes to tools such as memory foam pillows. Hence, within the space of living room provided, occupants would give a great deal of time and resources to organize the living room furniture depending on their personal preferences, needs and priorities.

The selection and arrangement of furniture in a space is strongly influenced by the functional needs and creativity of the users. Within the limited space of the living room of an apartment, families have to maximize the use of space virtually beyond actual dimension and diversify the use of space. To cater for the family living inside the house, furniture inside the living room are arranged in variety of ways to fit the needs of a particular family. In sum, the furniture layout of the living room is related to many aspects and elements. The functions of the living room varies through different living room units and serve the purpose of a solitude space, hosting guest and family gathering area. Moreover, the furniture layout is seen to respond to the environment and people’s behavior, lifestyle and psychology that prompt it to reflect the culture in its surrounding..

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A realistic indoor scene is typically populated by several different kinds of furniture objects, but only a few of the many possible spatial arrangements of these objects are functional and livable. Furthermore, most of the objects in the scene should be accessible to human habitants. On the other hand, one object is often placed on top of another object, such as a vase on a table, so there will be a hierarchical relationship among the two objects if we regard the carrier object as the parent and the supported object as its child. Optimizing furniture arrangement into a realistic and functional indoor configuration involves considerable complexity, taking into account various interacting factors, such as pairwise furniture relationships, spatial relationships with respect to the room, and other human factors. An effective representation that captures the necessary spatial relationships is needed.